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Welcome to the web site of

This web site is under construction by its owner and will be available soon.

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Tips and Instructions to the owner of this new web site

Personalise Your Web Site
Use your favourite FTP application to upload your new web site design to your web server.

Using FTP
Use the following details to upload your files/pages to your server using FTP.

FTP Server:
Login ID: we supplied to you
Password: you supplied to us

Upload all your web related files under a directory called /www
  • The name of first file should be index.html.
  • Be certain you have index.html file in every sub-directory (under /www) to enable automatic displaying.
Unlimited Sub-domain web sites
  • Simply create any directory under your Home directory parallel to /www
  • i.e. If you create a directory called /test then it can be accessed as and anything under the directory /test will be served.
Page Counters
  • If you wish you may display counters like this on your web site.
  • To do so use the following sample parameters.
<img src="/cgi-bin/Count?" align="absmiddle">
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